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Snood is no longer shareware and WINMX no longer exists? WTF… - Striving for a path with heart [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 13th, 2005|09:47 pm]
Snood is no longer shareware and WINMX no longer exists? WTF happened???

I just got a new operating system for my computer. I'm sure everyone who uses Microsoft products is already using xp...but I just got it and I love it :)

We have a lovely digital camera now too. Zeeee doooo daaaaay

I'm exhausted...so much so that I had to type exhausted 4 times before I spelled it correctly.


I'm getting on my knees to pray and asking for my heart to be transformed. I like it. It is working. I don't know how much my heart is transforming, but it seems easier to do my HP's will. At the very least I have a better connection to that intuitive voice.

My new sponsor is in hospital :( I hope she's ok. I seem to know how to pick sponsors. Grimace...hmmm. I need someone who can guide me gently and patiently through the steps but who also is...what is the word? Structured without imposing THEIR will. ???? I dunno.

I'm sure it will happen when it should.

In other news. I CLEANED OUT MY COMPUTER DESK and FILED PAPERS! No kidding. For 5 years I've lived here and simply stuffed, stuffed and stuffed some more. Now it is CLEAN. My desk is organised (for me) and the papers are filed in a filing cabinet. 2 big bags of garbage are gone and my desk is no longer a fire hazard. More YAY!