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I managed to pull of a dinner for some old friends without freaking… - Striving for a path with heart [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 5th, 2005|07:52 am]
I managed to pull of a dinner for some old friends without freaking too much with the food. It was ok. It's SO EASY to fall back into old behaviours of gossiping and eating and self-congratulations and more gossiping. That is...hard not to do to be honest. Is it gossip or is it working through OUR feelings about a person? I don't know. I tried, mostly to be reflective, but I must say I added to it...hopefully with awareness of MY shit. Idunno.

I'm getting on my knees to pray each morning. That's new. I usually pray sitting on the toilet. The physical act of getting on my knees, is, supposedly, supposed to make a difference, so we'll see, I guess.

I sound committed don't I?

I'm getting a digital camera for Christmas! WOOOOT

My holiday decorations and lights and such are all up. Done. Now I can focus on the baking (do I bake a lot when I don't even eat them?...ARGH!)I'm going to have to eat splenda on my lefse...or else maybe God will remove my compulsion for lefse with sugar and butter (???? what????) LOL.

The clutter zones of computer desk, microwave, top of computer desk (it is an armoire cabinet) and top of refrigerator are the things I really want to get done before Christmas...and I'd love to get my bedroom tv area decluttered as well. Hmmm....yeah.

What should I buy people for Christmas? Idunno. No one wants anything. Oh, my son wants a Fender electric guitar...ha ha ha hah haaaa

on my way out the door.